Did You Know?

  • Caring for a loved one at home after death is legal in Ontario and other provinces. The body of your loved one can lie at home until burial or cremation.
  • Embalming is not essential nor required by law, and has a negative environmental impact.  Dry ice (inexpensive and easily accessible) can be used to keep the body cool, at home.
  • The average cost of conventional funeral care in Canada (including casket and taxes, excluding burial or cremation costs) is currently $6500, while dignified and loving home funeral care, by comparison, costs very little.
  • In Ontario, a family member can make all arrangements and decisions surrounding the after-death care of their loved one.  You can fill out and file necessary documents, and transport the deceased in any vehicle to a home, place of ceremony, crematory, or cemetery.
  • Traditional caskets/coffins are not required by law for burial. You may build your own casket, or purchase a cardboard cremation casket ($50 – $100) to use for burial.  These inexpensive caskets can be lovingly decorated by family and friends, providing a particularly meaningful tribute to the deceased, while being less harmful to the environment than metal or chemically-treated hardwood caskets.


  • A family can choose to do all, or just part of the after-death care. For example, you may want to care for your loved one’s body at home, but hire a funeral home service to transport the body to the church, cemetery, or crematory.

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One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. S says:

    Love the idea of building, or decorating the casket with close friends and or family. Wish we would have known these things before dad died. Off to learn about the legalities of this in the United States (probably state specific).

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