Why Consider Home Deathcare?


  • It places you and your family in charge of the process of saying goodbye to a loved one.
  • It allows time for everyone who loved this person, to say goodbye. We need time to absorb the reality of death, even when it is expected.  It is comforting to know that care of your loved one’s body is in your hands and not those of strangers.
  • Family and friends have the freedom to create meaningful “good-byes” in their own way, and at their own pace.  This promotes healing in the grief process.
  • Family and friends become involved in the many tasks of the vigil process, creating a spirit of community.  Most people are grateful for an opportunity to show their love by helping. They feel useful and needed, rather than at a loss for what to do, during this difficult time.


  • Many families who have experienced after-death care at home, comment on the meaningful connections made between generations: children and young people witness how grief and loss can be turned into creative and loving expressions.  In turn, older generations are reminded that death is part of the circle of life.
  • Home deathcare is cost-effective, providing a much less expensive alternative to conventional mortuary care.
  • After-death care at home fits well with the choice for a “green” funeral and burial – the body is not embalmed with toxic chemicals, and only biodegradable funerary products are used. Burial occurs without a cement burial vault, and the overall “carbon footprint” remains low.

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