Did You Know?

  • Caring for a loved one at home after death is legal in Ontario and other provinces. The body of your loved one can lie at home until burial or cremation.
  • Embalming is not essential nor required by law, and has a negative environmental impact.  Dry ice or Techni-ice (inexpensive and easily accessible) can be used to keep the body cool, at home.
  • The average cost of conventional funeral care in Canada (including casket and taxes, excluding burial or cremation costs) is currently $10,000, while dignified and loving home deathcare, by comparison, costs very little.
  • In Ontario, a family member can make all arrangements and decisions surrounding the after-death care of their loved one.  You can fill out and file necessary documents, and transport the deceased in any vehicle to a home, place of ceremony, crematory, or cemetery.
  • Traditional caskets/coffins are not required by law for burial. You may make or buy your own cloth shroud, build your own casket, or purchase a cardboard cremation casket (avg. $125) to use for burial. These inexpensive caskets can be lovingly decorated by family and friends, providing a particularly meaningful tribute to the deceased, while being less harmful to the environment than metal or chemically-treated hardwood caskets.


  • A family can choose to do all, or just part of the after-death care. For example, you may want to care for your loved one’s body at home, but hire a funeral home service to transport the body to the church, cemetery, or crematory.

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