circle of people

I offer workshops and presentations to community, religious, or special-interest groups on topics such as:

  • end-of-life planning and preparation
  • Ontario and municipal regulations pertaining to after-death care, funerals, and burial
  • creating meaningful and sacred death and memorial rituals
  • managing the details of after-death care and home funerals
  • green funeral and burial options

I can also provide private consultations and support to individuals and families wanting to learn more about home funeral care:

  • offering guidance to families regarding after-death care, filing paperwork, and arranging for cremation or burial
  • planning meaningful funeral or memorial celebrations
  • facilitating, or presiding at, home or community-based memorial ceremonies

In keeping with the time-honoured role of those who have assisted with death and dying care, I do not charge for services.  Honorariums for speaking engagements, private consultations and support, or the facilitation of ceremonies, are gratefully accepted, but not required.

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