What is a Home Funeral Guide?


A Home Funeral Guide is a person who teaches, supports, and advises families on how to carry out after-death care, empowering families to make informed decisions, and to participate in the after-death care of their loved one, to whatever extent they wish.  Home funeral guides do not conduct the after-death care themselves, as is the case with licensed funeral directors.

Not long ago, families were completely responsible for the preparation and burial of loved ones’ bodies after death – it was considered an honour, an act of respect and compassion, and a very natural part of the grieving process.  In current practice, when a funeral director steps in to take over the care of someone who has died, this opportunity for involvement and healing is inadvertently closed.  Home funeral guides empower families to reclaim this time-honoured, final act of care for their loved one.

To locate a home funeral guide near you, in the USA and Canada:


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